Tahija Foundation’s Quest for Fighting Dengue

Trihadi Saptoadi, Executive Director of Tahija Foundation (Yayasan Tahija) was invited by Alliance for Good to speak at Business and Philanthropy: Impact Investors and Innovators Forum […]

Acknowledgement from Habibie Award

Yayasan Tahija (Tahija Foundation) congratulates Prof. Adi Utarini, as the Project Leader of World Mosquito Program Yogyakarta, in receiving Habibie Award in the field of medicine […]

Scientists are racing to Eliminate the World’s fastest spreading tropical disease

Dengue is the fastest spreading tropical disease, with 40% of the world’s population is currently at risk.  Transmitted by mosquitoes, so far there’s been little progress […]

Yayasan Tahija Participation in the International Conference of ICCIES

The Indonesian Entomology Association, a profession association in Indonesia that supports the development of science and technology on insect pest management, held its 10th international scientific […]