June, 2017
Suryatmajan community donated a wall for EDP Yogya
EDP-Yogya.  The 20-meter rainbow-colored wall located in a 1.5-meter wide alley east of Mataram Road, is ready to become a canvas mural of health messages. The... (Read more)
Wolbachia Study to control Dengue shows promise
EDP-Yogya.  Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is still a threat in the world, especially in tropical countries. In March 2016 the... (Read more)
The Board of Trustees Tahija Foundation admire Cokrodiningratan Society
EDP-Yogya.  Chairman of the Board of Trustees Tahija Foundation, dr. Sjakon Tahija and dr. Shelley Tahija, Chairman of the Supervisory... (Read more)
Student Short Film Competition 2017 “DBD Ora Wae”
EDP-Yogya. At the end of the Student Short Film Competition “DBD Ora Wae” and prior to the announcement of the... (Read more)
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