Acknowledgement from Habibie Award

Yayasan Tahija (Tahija Foundation) congratulates Prof. Adi Utarini, as the Project Leader of World Mosquito Program Yogyakarta, in receiving Habibie Award in the field of medicine […]

Scientists are racing to Eliminate the World’s fastest spreading tropical disease

Dengue is the fastest spreading tropical disease, with 40% of the world’s population is currently at risk.  Transmitted by mosquitoes, so far there’s been little progress […]

Yayasan Tahija Participation in the International Conference of ICCIES

The Indonesian Entomology Association, a profession association in Indonesia that supports the development of science and technology on insect pest management, held its 10th international scientific […]

Insectary to Develop and Share Knowledge

Insectary facility in the Eliminate Dengue Project (EDP) Yogyakarta is one of the laboratories utilized to develop and share the knowledge on Wolbachia technology for public […]