Community Engagementand Releasing of WOLBACHIA Mosquitoes & Eggs

2014 signified a year of important achievements for Yayasan Tahija. The intensive preparation works finally resulted in a well coordinated execution whereby EDP-Yogya conducted its initial […]

Preparing For The First Release of WOLBACHIA MOSQUITOES in Indonesia

In 2013 EDP prepared the groundworks and trial sites for the release of Aedes aegypty mosquitos carrying Wolbachia. EDP also conducted various initiatives to ensure a smooth transition from […]

Renovation of 16th Century Building

The Tahija Foundation and the Banda Cultural and Heritage Foundation (Yayasan Budaya dan Warisan Banda) are collaborating to renovate a 16th century building formerly the residence […]

Project Dengue

In 2004, the Tahija Foundation initiated and launched a research and pilot project to help find a solution to the DengueHemorrhagic Fever (DHF) issue. The research […]