Period : August 2015

“Kelurahan Kricak is the champion of Yogyakarta for the number of dengue cases,” said Agata Ari Wulandari, village head (lurah) of Kricak at the beginning of the guided group discussions with the Eliminate Dengue Project Yogyakarta (EDP-Yogya) team, Tuesday 25 August 2015. This event was part of a community mapping process to determine the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of Yogyakartans associated with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and control measures.

The statement of Lurah Kricak was corroborated by the public health community surveillance in Tegalrejo which showed that the number of dengue cases till August 2015 reached 32 cases with two fatalities. Community deal is reached through deliberation of community leaders at the village level. They discussed key issues in the community and agreed on proposals to overcome them.