Yayasan Tahija Participation in the International Conference of ICCIES

The Indonesian Entomology Association, a profession association in Indonesia that supports the development of science and technology on insect pest management, held its 10th international scientific […]

Insectary to Develop and Share Knowledge

Insectary facility in the Eliminate Dengue Project (EDP) Yogyakarta is one of the laboratories utilized to develop and share the knowledge on Wolbachia technology for public […]

Collaborative Learning to Eliminate Dengue

On 24-25 September 2019, the World Mosquito Program hosted learning workshop for its government partners from Brazil, Australia and Indonesia. The Indonesia’s Ministry of Health delegates […]

Community Welfare Improvement through Sustainable Seaweed Aquaculture

On 27th August 2019, Mr. Trihadi Saptoadi, Chairman of the Executive Board of Tahija Foundation inaugurated a conservation kiosk in Oelolot village, Rote Ndau, East Nusa […]

The Role of Venture Philanthropy in Research

The Mosquito Control Day (Hari Pengendalian Nyamuk) 2019 held in MG Setos, Semarang on 22 August 2019 was officially opened by the Governor of Central Java, […]

Suryatmajan community donated a wall for EDP Yogya

EDP-Yogya.  The 20-meter rainbow-colored wall located in a 1.5-meter wide alley east of Mataram Road, is ready to become a canvas mural of health messages. The […]